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What is reportable on a P11D

  • Assets transferred to an employee – this could cover things like computers, televisions, furniture etc
  • Assets available to an employee at their home such as television, computer, broadband. They don’t have to be reported if solely for business use or personal use is insignificant.  Mobile phones are now exempt
  • Pecuniary payments which would include paying personal bills, rent, parking fines for their own cars, speeding fines for all cars and payment of professional subscriptions unless the professional body is on HMRC’s list of approved bodies
  • Mileage – can claim 45p for up to 10,000 miles, over that should claim 25p. Anything over that should be reported.
  • Company cars – only exemption are pooled cars which must be available to all employees and stay on the premises at night
  • Fuel – The most straightforward way of dealing with fuel is to pay for it personally and claim it back under the advisory fuel rate. Fuel cards are reportable with the employee then claiming the business part back.  Alternatively you could be given a car allowance through the payroll and be taxed at source.
  • Vans – Only reportable if there is unlimited private use and fuel. Normal commuting is acceptable
  • Beneficial loans – these include season ticket loans, credit cards and overdrawn director’s loan accounts. The overdrawn director’s loan account is reportable on a P11D in the year it occurs if it over £10k and still outstanding 9 months and one day after year end unless interest is paid at the official rate for every day outstanding.
  • Private medical insurance
  • Various expenses – Entertaining is a bit of a mine field. A birthday present would be deemed to be a “trivial expense” (ie under £50 on any one occasion), the annual Christmas party is OK up to £150 per head as long as everybody is invited but going to Costa for an appraisal is reportable.  The rules around subsistence are £5 for breakfast if you leave home before 6am, £5 for a meal if at least 5 hours on business, £10 for 2 meals for 10 hours on business and a late meal rate of £15 for finishing work after 8pm.  The cost must have actually been incurred.  These are only available for staff whose working patterns do not usually fall this way.  There is a maximum of 3 meals per 24 hours and you can no longer stay with family and friends and still claim the allowance.