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They're friendly, accommodating, and local to me which is a distinct advantage – my wife often pops round there to drop off paperwork.Tim E
Harmonea are always helpful and looking for ways we can improve our business and offer great value for money. I certainly have a lot of trust with them, as they are just good at being who they are and deliver a great level of personal service. Having this kind of support is vital for small company like ours.Ken B
It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Harmonea – they do what they do best and leave me to focus upon my business.  Harmonea are very understanding – they’re always open to questions and don’t try to force you down pre-prepared routes.  Ian L
I'd rate Harmonea very highly indeed.  I like the fact that it is predominantly an all-women firm - with guys I often feel like I'm going to get ripped off, but with women I somehow always feel safe!Jackie W
I find it very hard to think of any way they could improve their customer service – they get it right already.  We get great personal attention – they really know how to put the customer’s needs first.A White
I originally moved to Harmonea only because my previous accountant of 40 years retired…I now wish I’d moved to them a lot sooner!  They're really on the game - they've already sorted out a few issues I've had hanging around for ages, they answer emails quickly and they deal with any problems promptly. I'm very satisfied.Graham B
I knew I wanted more from my previous accountant, but it wasn’t until I met Alison that I understood what I was missing.Sara W

I could speak endlessly about the awesomeness that is Alison Harrison.  She’s been my teacher and my mentor, and is now my accountant and dear friend.  When it comes to my biz, I wouldn’t trust my accounts to anyone else.

Karen B
I like the fact that Harmonea are a local provider…and I really like the fact that everybody working there has such a helpful attitude. Rosanne, Strategy Partners
Working with Harmonea has been a very rewarding experience.  They are professional, well organised and supportive.  Alison and Tracy are knowledgeable, responsive and provide a quality service.  They are easy to work with and both lovely people.Jean Gibson – Owner Active Personal Development Ltd