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In many ways Harmonea have been a backbone to our business and have been an enormous comfort blanket to us. In the first 8 months Alison pretty much hand-held me through every aspect of setting up our new landscape business.  I have total trust for Harmonea to manage all our financial affairs.   Alison frequently picks up the phone to find out how business is going generally and has even introduced me to some of our clients. Harmonea have definitely been great value for money, especially when I think of the entire package I receive.Donna R
Working with Harmonea has been a very rewarding experience.  They are professional, well organised and supportive.  Alison and Tracy are knowledgeable, responsive and provide a quality service.  They are easy to work with and both lovely people.Jean Gibson – Owner Active Personal Development Ltd
My previous accountant (one of the top firms in London) just wasn’t doing it for me, so I made a shortlist of more local accountants – Harmonea was the only one which dropped everything to see me as quickly as possible and took the time to understand my business needs.  I like the fact Harmonea are so accessible, I like the fact that we have regular meetings, and I like the fact that they are doing their utmost to provide me with a good service.  I’ve got nothing but praise for them. I just wish you had been our accountant years ago, we would not be working now!Kevin J
I find it very hard to think of any way they could improve their customer service – they get it right already.  We get great personal attention – they really know how to put the customer’s needs first.A White
It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Harmonea – they do what they do best and leave me to focus upon my business.  Harmonea are very understanding – they’re always open to questions and don’t try to force you down pre-prepared routes.  Ian L
They do everything to make life as easy as possible for us.  Harmonea even helped us put together our pub business plan….we might not have got the pub without her help.  Natilee B
Harmonea have been fantastic in terms of helping me out.  When I first started using them, I was in danger of being suffocated by the financial pit. They told me just to give them all my financial stuff and proceeded to sort me out.Richard B
Michael has been very helpful and incredibly patient in helping me switch over to an online accounting package.Steve H
I like the fact that Harmonea are a local provider…and I really like the fact that everybody working there has such a helpful attitude. Rosanne, Strategy Partners
I’m delighted to have found you!  You’ll never know how much I’ve appreciated you listening to me the moment I met you !! and for you and Ali helping me out so quickly.  You were exactly the accountant I was looking for.Vicky T