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Right from when we first started working with them they were really helpful. They even started to help build our pub business plan, which has enabled us to take on The Greyhound and we might not have got the pub without her help. Since then we've built a really good relationship with Harmonea. I think they’re very well suited for helping small businesses. Communication is good and we tend to meet perhaps once every two or three months. Harmonea really cares about me and our business and they do everything they can to make life as easy as possible for us.Natilee Batchelor, The Greyhound Public House
I’ve been with Harmonea for five years and they are very friendly, very good value provide great personal attention. They put customers first and support me with good communication. I have recommended Harmonea in the past and will definitely do so again.Tony White, Air Travel Advisory Bureau Ltd, Electronic Cigarette Advisory Bureau Ltd and Cartomizer Outlet Ltd
Harmonea are always helpful and looking for ways we can improve our business and offer great value for money. I certainly have a lot of trust with them, as they are just good at being who they are and deliver a great level of personal service. Having this kind of support is vital for small company like ours.Ken Blackburn, Everblue (UK) Ltd, Everblue (International) Ltd and EKO Filtration Ltd
Once Alison became involved everything was seamless. She was extremely good at handling it all. The whole thing went through very well. I think we get very excellent value for money. I've a lot of trust with Alison, who is very professional and always happy to assist. Chris does our year-end accounting which is always completed in a very timely manner. I must say that any issues are always very quickly resolved and that's very important to me. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Harmonea to small businesses.Julia Moore, GTMA (The Gauge & Tools Makers Association)
Harmonea are very conscientious and they achieve successful outcomes for me 99% of the time. It's not just been Alison and Cathy but all team who have really helped us. We change suppliers for most things frequently, even tricky ones like broadband. So we don't stay with a supplier just for the sake of it and so this shows Harmonea are doing a good job. I've made a few referrals to them over the years and all of them have been happy.Paul Phillips, Club Catering (Bucks) Ltd
In many ways Harmonea have been a backbone to our business and have been an enormous comfort blanket to us. In the first 8 months Alison pretty much hand-held me through every aspect of setting up our new landscape business. I have total trust for Harmonea to manage all our financial affairs. Alison frequently picks up the phone to find out how business is going generally and has even introduced me to some of our clients. Harmonea have definitely been great value for money, especially when I think of the entire package I receive.Donna Rose, Rosegarden Landscapes Ltd