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I originally moved to Harmonea only because my previous accountant of 40 years retired…I now wish I’d moved to them a lot sooner!  They're really on the game - they've already sorted out a few issues I've had hanging around for ages, they answer emails quickly and they deal with any problems promptly. I'm very satisfied.Graham B
I have 100% trust in Alison – I know that she’ll look after me.Lubo V
I’m very happy - whenever I’ve had cause to raise an issue, it’s been dealt with promptly and efficiently.Nick W
Harmonea are very responsive I usually receive a response within 12-24 hours, and if they’re going to take longer, they always let me know.Emma C
Harmonea have done everything for me on time and on budget - I've been really happy with them. I just want somebody who can hold my hand and help me with everything – Harmonea tick all those boxes.Don
I'd rate Harmonea very highly indeed.  I like the fact that it is predominantly an all-women firm - with guys I often feel like I'm going to get ripped off, but with women I somehow always feel safe!Jackie W
My previous accountant (one of the top firms in London) just wasn’t doing it for me, so I made a shortlist of more local accountants – Harmonea was the only one which dropped everything to see me as quickly as possible and took the time to understand my business needs.  I like the fact Harmonea are so accessible, I like the fact that we have regular meetings, and I like the fact that they are doing their utmost to provide me with a good service.  I’ve got nothing but praise for them. I just wish you had been our accountant years ago, we would not be working now!Kevin J
I like the fact that Harmonea are a local provider…and I really like the fact that everybody working there has such a helpful attitude. Rosanne, Strategy Partners
I’m delighted to have found you!  You’ll never know how much I’ve appreciated you listening to me the moment I met you !! and for you and Ali helping me out so quickly.  You were exactly the accountant I was looking for.Vicky T
Working with Harmonea has been a very rewarding experience.  They are professional, well organised and supportive.  Alison and Tracy are knowledgeable, responsive and provide a quality service.  They are easy to work with and both lovely people.Jean Gibson – Owner Active Personal Development Ltd